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You've just taken the first step towards a flexible approach to pharmacy benefit management technology

Laker Software is ready to help

Laker Software has been providing industry-leading claims adjudication software, tools, and technology services for more than 20 years. Our software enables quick changes to meet the needs of Commercial and Government program (Medicare, Medicaid and Exchange) business needs, as well as workers' compensation.

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Our flexible modern technology adapts to your business needs.

Flexible Options

Laker Software takes advantage of the latest technologies, using a modular and scalable system. We partner with customers to provide the flexibility and reliability necessary to help them succeed in every segment of the pharmacy lifecycle.

Customer Driven

We know pharmacy benefits.
Our software isn't tweaked to fit — it was built to fit this industry. We listen to our customers and work closely with them to develop, test and implement new products that allow them to better compete and meet their business goals.

Features of our Configurable System

Our proprietary adjudication software provides all lines of businesses, including commercial, Medicare, Medicaid, Exchange, Workers' Comp, Prescription discount programs, and more with superior performance and industry leading uptime. Claims undergo hundreds of edits to achieve accurate processing results, regardless of the complexity of the plan design. Our flexible architecture allows for customization to your unique needs.

About Us

Laker Software was founded in 2000 by experienced pharmacy claims industry executives with a simple idea: take advantage of the latest technologies, build a modular and scalable system, and partner with customers to provide the flexibility and reliability necessary to help them win in every segment of the PBM market.

Increased Efficiencies

Not only has the Laker Software Adjudication system been refined and enhanced over the years with thousands of additions, but we have also developed, with the assistance of our customers, a number of modules and tools designed to increase efficiencies. 

Growth and Development

Our philosophy on software development and claims adjudication is simple: Laker Software is committed to supporting our customer's business and enabling their growth. Whether it's system maintenance or software enhancements, Laker strives to deliver updates so you can focus on what's most important.

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